SCV April-2013

Special Town Meeting April 2013 lasted 4 sessions and covered 24 articles and one reconsideration. Duplicate article numbers were amendments and other procedural measures.

In the cases where the margin between Yes and No was <20% we calculated a number of minutes to SCV the audience.

The total SCV value was 243 minutes (a little over 4 hours). There were 50 electronic votes of which each took an average of 45 seconds or 37.5 minutes of voting time. The difference between 243 and 37.5 is 206 minutes of town meeting time saved.

In this town meeting we have a very large number of very close votes. There were 6 close votes which also had a quantum of 2/3rds. The reconsideration article ('10R), forced a 4th night of town meeting. Without electronic voting we, most probably, would have had a 5th night. 2013